TheBlindGenius (Hive Bee)
01-27-03 02:34
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      Butyrolactone Reactivity with Packaging Materials  Bookmark   

What's up everybody.  Was wondering about what gammabutyrolactone reacts with.  I notice it dissolves many things.  Swim is interested in packaging in some sort of small vials so he won't have to bring his big bottle with him to parties.  He knows glass won't react with it, but will the phenolic caps react?  Also, PTFE or PE, will they react?  If you have any experience, please tell.  Thanks

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01-27-03 03:12
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What Swin did was to buy about 1000 little perfume
bottle they held 1.8 ml each or another is the little
fish from chinese takeaway shops they hold about 2.2 mls.
Hope that helps you TheBlindGenius

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01-27-03 07:54
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      PET slowly dissolves.  Bookmark   

PET slowly dissolves. No solvent dissolves thermosetting plastics like bakelite, so if it is indeed phenolic, then it's okay. Are the caps lined? Butyl rubber perhaps? That's okay too.
01-27-03 20:04
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      Glass Vials  Bookmark   

SWIM has found it stores best in plastic labelled "HDPE". In Canada, they come with little recyclable signs with the number "2" in them printed on the bottom of the container. Pill bottles (Eg ASA, Tylenol) are typically made of this kind of plastic, and if they have a good, screw on lid, tend to hold it.

If you want to go with glass, SWIM has found glass vials for sale at a hardware/gardening store. They are found in 4-20ml sizes, and typically have plastic lids, with inner plastic seals, made out of PET. These usually serve well for short term storage/distribution.

The vials are apparently for people making their own "homeopathic remedies/herbal extracts". You can find them if you look around stores that would cater to people into herbs/gardening.
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01-31-03 21:46
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Most of the septa in the little 2 mL autosampler vial caps are rubber, PTFE, silicone, or a mixture of two.  PTFE is Teflon right?  But they do sell some crimp tops that are unlined, in other words just plain aluminum.  Does aluminum react at all w/ butyrolactone, even over time?

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01-31-03 22:54
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      They are fine  Bookmark   

The 2ml autosampler vial with the rubber caps you are talking are just fine .Swim has been useing them for a while and they are just fine .

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