godard (Stranger)
01-29-03 15:47
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hi, i just bought 3 phalaris arundinacea plants.
i have some questions.
a)they are dry becayse of the winter.Can i use them?
b)i've read "don;t mess with phalaris if you are a newbie" why?
c)any recomendation for plants that i can extract dmt from

01-29-03 22:33
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Post 288381 (RichHildo: "PH levels and DMT Extraction", Tryptamine Chemistry)Post 40940 (catharsis: "5-MeO-DMT, and DMT, from phalaris grass..", Tryptamine Chemistry)
Mimosa Hostilis is another (better?) source for DMT.
dried phalaras contains more 5-meo-dmt, lots of dmt converts to 5-meo after harvest.
how much plant matter do you have? usually people only bother with mass quantities in the lbs range.....
dont be afraid to use the search engine
(Hive Bee)
01-30-03 15:41
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enzymes convert DMT from phalaris to 5MeO-DMT (no fun), so using freshly harvested plant material is the choice, you need a lot of it, !!!3 plants!!!, approx. mass 5 g (.060% alkaloida content)


Acacia spp. (Maiden's Wattle)
Anadenanthera spp. (Yopo)
Desmanthus illinoensis (Bundle Flower)
Phalaris Grass (Reed Canary Grass)
Psychotria viridis
Mimosa hostilis (Jurema)
Virola spp. (Epeņa)
Arundo donax (Giant River Reed)
Diplopterys cabrerana (Chagro-panga
and many others!