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      Cobalt-Catalyzed Total Synthesis of ()-LSD
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Abstract: Cocyclization of 4-ethynyl-3-indoleacetonitriles with alkynes in the presence of CpCo(CO)2 gives rise to the ergoline derivatives 6-9, two of which were transformed into racemic lysergene and LSD, respectively.

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Reference: Synlett 1994; 487-489

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Note that, in conversion from compound 9 to compound 10, one could substitute CF3SO3Et in THF at O degrees Celsius and end up with ETH-LAD (alkyl N-ethylated LSD-025) instead of LSD, which is a much dirtier drug than the former, although on a microgram to microgram scale the two are of about equipotentcies.
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