chemisfun (Hive Bee)
01-30-03 21:49
No 402883
      finding Teflon Tubing in Oz  Bookmark   

Any local Oz bees know where swim can get some teflon tubing OTC...  swim would rather avoid having to use Mrs swim's creditcard to order online.

any help would be mucho appreciato
01-31-03 07:31
No 402949
      would not even get a blink of an eye  Bookmark   

i don't think ordering teflon in any way shape or form would bee any thing to worry about if ya had to order it.
no one would even for a second think you where an evil chemist
(Hive Addict)
01-31-03 07:37
No 402950
      what's Oz?  Bookmark   


Accept No Imitations, There Can Only Bee One;
(Chief Bee)
01-31-03 08:45
No 402970
      Oz-tralia, the backwards country with ...  Bookmark   

Oz-tralia, the backwards country with christmas in the middle of the summer wink
(not quite as irritable lately)
01-31-03 09:37
No 402992
      Tell us what the purpose is and I'm sure we...  Bookmark   

Tell us what the purpose is and I'm sure we can come up with something.

Intelligence is not the recall of knowledge, but the ability to use it. (Rainman was a retard)
(Hive Bee)
01-31-03 18:41
No 403156
      Precooling nh3 gas  Bookmark   

There is definitely no risk in ordering it with a CCard I agree, however combined with a dozen other harmless bits and pieces I have ordered over the years it starts to add up. No paper trail of any kind is the best kind.

Swim plans to use around 10m (30ft) of 1/4 or 1/2 inch diameter teflon tubing as a precooler in his version of  MrClean's(TM) ammonia generator. I have heard from other bees on this site that it is a very effecient heat sink if kept suitably cool. 

In previous dreams inadequate pre cooling has been the main reason for the system taking many hours to produce only a couple hundred mls of stinky piss.

(Hive Bee)
01-31-03 18:47
No 403158
      water spirals down plug-holes the wrong way too!  Bookmark   

now why is that so???
(not quite as irritable lately)
01-31-03 21:39
No 403190
      NH3 can still be bought in Oz no problem, but...  Bookmark   

NH3 can still be bought in Oz no problem, but that's another story. I don't think teflon tubing is going to make as much difference compared to other types of tubing as much as the method by which you cool it is.

Intelligence is not the recall of knowledge, but the ability to use it. (Rainman was a retard)
(Hive Addict)
02-01-03 00:45
No 403214
      Teflon is a shitty heat conductor  Bookmark   

To use it in cooling is nonsense as it transports the heat from the condensing or cooled ammonia not away. You get a tube which is cold on the outside and warm on the inside. Thats the nature of insulators.

Get yourself a stainless steel tube of 1m length and you will have superior cooling in comparism to any plastic tube of 10m length. SS tubes are not suspicious at all and easy to get. As surface is the next determining factor you might be a smartass and bundle a set of tubes with small diameter.


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(Hive Bee)
02-01-03 06:31
No 403252
      yeah and you have to hire the cylinder, buy a...  Bookmark   

yeah and you have to hire the cylinder, buy a ss regulator for a thousand bucks etc etc and the minimum quantity is 20kg
(not quite as irritable lately)
02-01-03 23:47
No 403529
      A year's rental is about $80 and the 20kg...  Bookmark   

A year's rental is about $80 and the 20kg bottle cost about $100 and you don't need no regulator! A regulator would defeat the purpose of getting liquid out of the bottle. After your rental is paid you can refill it as much as you like for $100 within a year. You will spend more then $100 making 1kg of NH3.

Intelligence is not the recall of knowledge, but the ability to use it. (Rainman was a retard)
(Hive Bee)
02-03-03 06:27
No 403965
      No argument about the economics  Bookmark   

No argument about the economics, the amount of grief swim goes through to get a few pissy hundred mills at a time is huge. And over a $100 is wasted each time. It is also the part that takes hours.

You do have to create an account with @#$. It has to only be a matter of time before the drug squad starts going through those accounts and investigating the suspicious looking purchases. ie new accounts with one purchase made by a business with no prior trading records etc.. call me paranoid if you like.

What does swim say when the pigs ask him what he's doing with the 20kg bottle of nh3 under his bed???

In this day and age the law is moving towards you being forced into proving your innocence rather than being innocent until the pigs prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have actually broken the law. They start by freezing ALL your assets and the onus is then on you to take them to court and prove where you got it from...fucking nazi's

A genuine solid reason to purchase the stuff would be needed before I would do it. WTF do you need 20 kg of nh3 for!?!?
(Distinctive Doe)
02-03-03 20:36
No 404241
      WTF do you need 20 kg of nh3 for!?!?  Bookmark   

WTF do you need 20 kg of nh3 for!?!?

The tomatoes in your garden, of course!
(Hive Bee)
02-05-03 04:38
No 404696
      I don't even have a garden!  Bookmark   

(Chief Bee)
02-05-03 16:05
No 404852
      Duh. And duh again.  Bookmark   

It is pretty irrelevant if you have an actual garden or not, it's not like they are going to follow you home to verify that you are growing tomatoes... Duh.
(Hive Bee)
02-05-03 20:04
No 404926
      fetish  Bookmark   


mayby he is into sadismsmile

i cook to save the planet!!
(Hive Bee)
02-07-03 05:39
No 405286
      I never said they were going to follow me...  Bookmark   

I never said they were going to follow me home. I know I could buy it tomorrow no problems at all. EVENTUALLY the plod will have to get it. And when they do they will have a list of names and addresses to start with.

When it comes to manufacturing MethAmphetamine, Nh3 is about as useful as iodine or red P (many would argue moreso).

Now what happens children when you order those and don't have a good reason???

Refridgeration is a good one how ever if they dig any deeper with questions like are you a fridge mechanic? what specifically did you do with it? where did you use it? Do you have a licence to refill industrial refridgeration systems etc etc.
Swim would have nothing to say except "I want my Brief" (American - Attorney)

Where swim lives it would definetly be illegal to even store a 20kg cylinder of nh3.

All I'm saying is in these parts they don't even need a smoking gun, suspicion is just about enough.

I hope Chief bee is correct. IF it is that easy then little ole swim is gist gonna order himself 20kg on monday and get it home delivered.
If I had balls I would do just that!
(Hive Addict)
02-07-03 23:37
No 405552
      build your ammonia-gas generator  Bookmark   

And recondens your ammonia for reuse. So the costs are no argument any more and itīs no additional work as you already have the condensor. CO2 as needed for your aquarium is unsuspicious and you can have it in your appartement. You donīt waste ammonia, donīt pollute the enviroment and are not haunted by paranoid dreams of getting traced and fucked for the bought bottle of ammonia-gas.
The last being the most important for your quality of life.
And I believe you are right if you say that ammonia will become watched sooner or later. Starting from real unsuspicious compounds is the future not at least as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine containing pills will get banned. Lucky who has thought on this in planning his routes.


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02-08-03 08:18
      Placebos ruse
(Rated as: UTFSE!)