Yachaj (Hive Bee)
01-31-03 04:50
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      The Outstanding Efficiency of 99% IPA for SVA  Bookmark   

Sphere (Spherepicture@yahoo.com) has published a great pictorial of a roomtemperature extraction of Salvia divinorum, plus crystallization.

The method looks better than the cold acetone methods as described at Rhodium's site because the leaves can be soaked in IPA for a long time.

The pics of the crystals look beau-ti-ful!

Location thread (cut&paste)


Which is the usenet newsgroup alt.drugs.salvia, thread title

"The Outstanding Efficiency of 99% ISOPROPANOL for Salvia Extractions"

First thread post: 2003-01-25 03:21:26 PST

Location pictorial (cut&paste)


I wonder when this method will be included in the Rhodium archive?

(Chief Bee)
01-31-03 07:16
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      It can be included there if you convert it to...  Bookmark   

It can be included there if you convert it to a nice HTML document, myself I don't have the time to do it...
(Hive Bee)
02-03-03 03:22
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      Rhodium please ask the author...  Bookmark   

I do not want to violate the copyrights of the pictorial. Perhaps you can invite the author <Spherepicture@yahoo.com> to do the HTML write-up for the Rhodium site?


(Chief Bee)
02-03-03 15:37
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      Ask him yourself, and if he agrees, HTML the...  Bookmark   

Ask him yourself, and if he agrees, HTML the document and email it to me.
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02-07-03 09:02
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      Someone should tell that experiemnter that...  Bookmark   

> Using a shallow dish is a good idea because it has less
> distance to fall and it falls very slowly.
(from pic 58)

Someone should tell that experiemnter that sedimentation is best done in a high and narror container! It takes longer but at least all that insoluble plant material crap will not be carried over like he is doing now. Also, why didn't he use filtrations? Decanting is really a poor alternative both yield- and purity-wise. He could also do with much less recrystallizations and washings by not merely decanting the solvent (and thereby leaving half the shit in with his goodies), but e.g. using a pasteur pipet with a cotton ball inside as a filtration apparatus and getting the last solvent drops out by sticking a piece of filter paper into his vial and using it to suck up most of the solvent residues each time.

(Nice writeup, but it hurts to see such bad and wasteful lab technique! wink )

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