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02-01-03 03:42
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*I hope no one considers this posting a source, I didn't feel it to be so. So here's the ?:
   I was looking on some auctions for a Vacuum Pump and kept seeing an amaizingly low price on all GAST brand pumps. I'm not familiar with the brand name, but I mean they looked pretty big ( I know that doesn't mean anything ). As big as the ones that range right around ~$150, but that brand was steady around $17-$49. They looked nice.
   Does anyone have any experience with these pumps? I don't think I'll try buying one ( something is just wrong with a pump for $20 ). I mean, a big pump like that would almost be worth $20 broken down and sold for spare parts! I just hate damn aspirators! Thanks!   

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02-01-03 03:52
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swim got a DOA model pump of the type you mentioned and it only pulls 150mm/hg. Not good enough for most of the purposes you'll find around here. Try putting a water pump in line on your aspirator. Rhodium has an informative thread on this at his site
02-01-03 23:54
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Get the Ritchie Yellow jacket Hvac 1.5CFM get 15 microns its the sickest cheepest pump you can find.Dont get a used one thats trouble.Go work at MD till you can get the 2 bills to get one.Even snoop dog worked at MD.So can you.tongue

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