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02-01-03 08:01
No 403276
      Synth of Ephedrine from protected Cyanohydrins
(Rated as: excellent)

Stereoselectrive Syntheses of Ephedrine and Related 2-Aminoalcohols of High Optical Purity from Protected Cyanohydrins
Jackson et al
Tetrahedron Letters, 31, 10, 1447-1450 (1990) (../rhodium/pdf /ephedrine.grignard.pdf)

Ephedrine and related optically active b-aminoalcohols can be prepared by zinc borohydride reduction of aryl O-protected magnesium imines and aryl a-hydroxyimimes which in turn are readily available from optically active cyanohydrins.

Saludos, from Latin america