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02-03-03 02:40
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      The other 5MeO Amt Post got side tracked.  Bookmark   

The other 5MeO Amt Post got side tracked.  So i decided to start a new one. 

Starting from the carboxylaldehyde Shulagin uses Nitropropane and ammonium acetate to make the Nitropropene.  However though he does not specify if he is using 1nitropropane or 2 nitropropane.  AM i correct to assume that he is using 2 nitropropene.  Nitropropane is not scheduled or watched at all is it. 

Then he uses LAH to reduce the nitropropene to the amphetamine.  HOw about the use of Sodium borohydride to reduce the double bond then Alumnium to the amphetamine. 

What are some safety concerns when working with nitropropane.  Are the same precautions used as when working with other nitroparrafins.

Can 2-methyl-Cloropropionate / MeONa be used in the place of the nitropropane  to make the ketone in this indole Such as 3methyl chloropropropinate/ MeONa is used to make the p2p ketones?

Does nitropropane form an azetrope with nitroethane or nitromethane.  Nitroethane and methane differ only in Bps by a degree and the nitropropane is 20.c higher than ether.  If it was found in an MeOh solution how difficult would that be to seperate by distillation.  There is a 60.c difference there.
Does any one have any information reguarding the Solubility Of the 5methoxyindole2nitropropene in various solvents possibly useable in the NaBH4 Reduction perticularly  Methanol


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02-03-03 09:37
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      On the route to get alpha MT you have to use...  Bookmark   

On the route to get alphaMT you have to use nitroethane on indole-carbaldehyde to get the indole-nitropropene.
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02-03-03 09:42
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      nitroethane, not nitropropane.  Bookmark   

Count the carbons in the starting material and in the product. It seems like nitropropane is a typo, and that Shulgin really meant he used nitroethane (the printed version of Tihkal has it written correctly).
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02-03-03 09:46
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      ethane vs propane  Bookmark   

the electronic form has it right too. nitro-propane obviously
gives alpha-ET.
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02-03-03 09:51
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      erowid has it wrong  Bookmark   

No, in "nitropropane" is incorrectly specified. I just emailed Erowid the correction.
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02-03-03 09:55
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      sorry. my fault!  Bookmark   

i looked at the alpha-MT page blush

btw: 5-MeO-alpha-ET sounds interesting! wink
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02-03-03 12:40
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      Yes  Bookmark   

5-Methoxyindole-3-acetone can be made from the indolcarboxaldehyde, a 2-halopropionic acid ester and sodium methoxide.

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02-03-03 18:46
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I had not noticed that tryptamine was a PEA and The AMts were just amphetamines this whole time i was thinking that i was thinking the whole time that tryptamines were amphetamines and the amts had the methyl in a different place.  This has opened up a whole new world of understanding.
How about the reduction of the nitropropene in NaBH4 MeOH then Al/Hg will these conditions suffice to get the amphetamine.

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02-03-03 18:58
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> I had not noticed that tryptamine was a PEA and The AMts were just amphetamines

hm... kind of, but only if you look only at the side chain.

but look at the whole indole ring system and you will see
that tryptamines (alpha-methyl or not) are indeed cyclicized
and aromated phenetylamines. the amphetamine analog would have
a methyl in the 2-position. (that's probably the reason for
the 2-Me derivates in THIKAL)
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02-03-03 20:46
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      reduction  Bookmark   

How about the reduction Q???

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02-03-03 21:36
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      dunno...  Bookmark   

...but a stony road lies ahead...
Post 209318 (Lilienthal: "Re: Substitution for NaCNBH3 in Krz's DMT synth", Tryptamine Chemistry)
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02-04-03 12:50
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      Sure the indole nitrostyrenes can be reduced...  Bookmark   

Sure the indole nitrostyrenes can be reduced with sodium borohydride followed by Al(Hg). But donīt use MeOH for the borohydride reduction.

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02-04-03 16:48
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      Ether  Bookmark   

Can i run the reduction in diethyl ether THF will be difficult i think.. One pot  Grind the Nitrostyrene dissolve it in ether  then add the NaBH4 as a solid into the mix then add water till the H2 generation ceases.  then add preamalgamated al.  Why Should MeOh Not be used???

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02-04-03 17:00
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      UTFSE  Bookmark   

For a slick and high-yielding procedure. MeOH reacts too good with sodium borohydride.

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