Bwiti (PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
02-04-03 10:36
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      epox-iso.iodide-dmso ?  Bookmark   

  I noticed the following at ../rhodium/chemistry /epox-iso.iodide-dmso.html:

"In a typical experiment an approximately 0.07M-solution of the epoxide in dimethyl sulphoxide containing n-propyl iodide (0.35M) and sodium iodide (0.35M) is kept at 800 for 3 hr."

  What's up with the "at 800 for 3 hours"??



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(Chief Bee)
02-04-03 21:51
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      Optical Character (mis)Recognition  Bookmark   

Oh, it's just my dyslectic OCR program mistaking 80 for 800. I'll fix it.