Bandil (Hive Bee)
02-05-03 12:03
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../rhodium/chemistry /red-al.nitrostyrenes.html

On the page in the experimental section there is stated:

Typically, a solution of the substituted benzaldehyde (1 mmol) and NH4OAc (1.25 mmol) in nitroethane was refluxed for the specified time. The mixture was cooled immediately in liquid N2 or Acetone-solid CO2, diluted with CH2Cl2, and filtered while cold. Solvent was removed in vacuo, and the remaining beta-nitrostyrene was recrystallized by known procedures6.

AFAIK the given procedure would give the corresponding nitropropene and not the nitrostyrene...
(Hive Addict)
02-05-03 16:13
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Nitromethane would yield nitrostyrene...

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02-05-03 21:50
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It is no error, phenyl-2-nitropropene is beta-methyl-beta-nitrostyrene so calling it a beta-nitrostyrene is just being vague, not wrong. You could say "nitroalkene" too, being even more unspecific as to exactly what compound is being discussed.

Just take a look in Pihkal, where Shulgin refers to substituted phenyl-2-nitropropenes as "nitrostyrenes" all the time.
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02-06-03 12:33
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I guess you are right rhodium...