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02-06-03 00:03
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  Alright, you know how the PDF at Rhodium's(../rhodium/pdf /thf2gbl.pdf) shows how to convert THF to butyrolactone with sodium bromate? Well, can anyone see why an iodate wouldn't work just as well?tongue

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02-06-03 07:44
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Apart from being much more expensive it might produce something else or not react at all.
The actual oxidation of THF is done by Br2 which is formed in situ. I doubt that iodate/I2 will react voluntarily under these conditions.

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02-06-03 08:05
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Both chlorine and bromine are demonstrated as possible oxidants in patent US3074964, but the use of iodine for such purpose isn't even claimed. It's obvious there's no point using iodine at industrial scale because of it's price, but I guess they would've patented it anyway if there had been any reason to believe it could work.