EyeLoveSpeed (Stranger)
02-06-03 13:55
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      Can anyone help me fix a fucked up DXM extraction?  Bookmark   

I hope this is the right forum...

OK, now I have done this like 50 times and *never* had a problem... I know it is easy to do- I use the agent lemon method- ammonia, and naptha.  I used about 46 oz of cough syrup and ammonia, and about 9 oz of naptha, and when i mixed it up, it didn't separate like it normally does- I ended up with a red layer on the bottom and a lighter red layer at the top that is all foamy and cloudy.  What could have gone wrong?  Can I save this?  That is an awful lot of cough syrup!  Thanks much.

(Chief Bee)
02-06-03 14:22
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      http://www.third-plateau.org/  Bookmark   

http://www.third-plateau.org/ is a good resource for anything that has to do with DXM.
02-07-03 20:23
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      yeah I checked that site already- I have read...  Bookmark   

yeah I checked that site already- I have read *everything* on that site, believe it or not.  Seems odd I fucked up- it's never happened before and I don't know anyone else it's happened to.
02-07-03 23:54
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Since you've probably fucked with it since your post, this is probably unnecessary. Here goes anyway.Filter It. Use coffee filters and a funnel. Swim has found that this simple step solves a whole lot of problems in various other RXN's. Filter, and separate(ie.,Zip-Loc). You should get the two layers you are accustumed to getting. Go from there. In theory: The DXM freebase goes into the non-polar solvent. The junk stays in the alkaline/water solution.Swim has found that filtering helps to "settle" the results. Try this to clean up your extraction product. Guaf in your mixture will unsettle your stomach, pseudofed will keep you up. Not too bad of a high.

Callen and A.L.F.
02-09-03 22:42
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      YES I CAN!!!  Bookmark   

Wonderful, this is a subject I dream of often. Out of quarantine finally. Do not reuse naphta more than twice. If you notice, when you evaporate a drop or two of the re-used naphta you will smell the cherry flavoring, or whatever the hell that crap is. Repeated use of this solvent WILL result in poorer and poorer yeilds. Also always use an excess of naphta to do the extraction, its readily available so use the hell out of it. The ammonia used should only contain H2O,NH3,and a chelating agent. Use an equal amount of ammonia to the syrup. Another problem that may result is the type of acid used. Little plastic lemons are the best, always use an excess of acid to the freebase. Use 1 plastic lemon for every three bottles, 24 oz's. The results are mind blowing at best, what I mean is, the results you get are very astounding. One more thing, never rush any step, and always shake the containers until you are really hurting. The Dex will take care of any pain that may result from the process. When I dream about drinking the lemon nastyness, I always puke, thats why you should find a pure source, its a lot better.
09-24-03 20:45
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      DXM extraction that didnt work  Bookmark   

Man i dunno if im helping your post but i read that u said it didnt separate like it did other times and thought id say that has happened to me. Not sure why but when doing the extraction and whatching carefully  i did as i was suppose to and nothing happened almost like the robitussin was to thick for the Soduim Hydroxide to bond to. So i phoned a chemist friend of mine and asked advice and he told me to Add more Sodium Hydroxide and aggitate it more. So i added more and shaked and it worked. Dunno if this helped but i tried. Sounded like we had same problem.