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02-07-03 10:50
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      Bromination of 2C-H  Bookmark   

Hey everyone.  Did anyone else experience some sections of the hive down for a few hours?  It was strange because I left for a few hours, came back and there were NO NEW POSTS!  So that was weird.  I checked the news quick to see if there had been a nuclear holocaust everywhere except my building.  Anyways, here is my question.  As I understand it, there are only two ways of brominating 2CH, which are using hydrobromic acid (HBr) or using elemental bromine (Br2).  However, both of these are quite unavailable to me.  Mostly because of shipping concerns in both cases, no source for HBr, and also because I do not have a fume hood or a lab refrigerator to store elemental bromine in.  I would rather not store it in my food refrigerator.  The question is, can a 1% bromine in acetic acid solution be used, or is that just way too dilute?  I do have access to that.  But to get 100% elemental bromine is extremely complicated for me.

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02-07-03 10:56
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      You can prepare the Br2 in situ from NaBr and...  Bookmark   

You can prepare the Br2 in situ from NaBr and an oxidising agent like H2O2 in a suitable solvent (e.g. acetic acid) under the right conditions (presence of a strong acid like H2SO4).

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02-07-03 13:18
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Has anyone done this for brominating 2C-H to 2C-B?  What kind of mole ratios would be needed?  I can imagine a strong acid like H2SO4 could tear up my 2C-H, right?  And maybe the H2O2 could oxidize it?

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02-08-03 03:34
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      Use KBr and Oxone UTFSE  Bookmark   

Use KBr and Oxone UTFSE

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02-08-03 05:05
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Had you merely typed the words H2O2 bromination to TFSE (in other words UTFSE (used the fucking search engine)) and mandatorily checked the boxes for the forums you want to search, which in this case would have been in my humble opinion the chemistry discourse, the methods discourse and the novel discourse, you would've ended up with answers to your guestion with plenty of other useful information on the subject, which would've also prevented another miss when UTFSE (using the fuckin search engine) to find something useful, but no, let the S/N ratio suffer... Maybe those deprived of a proper encyclopedia in their childhood never got the point and never get the benefit.

As a matter of fact, maybe we should have an initiation rite where the newbees would be conditioned to UTFSE UTFSE UTFSE and UTFSE when they come up with a question, the couch exluded.

Nothing personal, no offense, maybe this wasn't the right time nor the right place to have the safety valve go off. It's just a pity to have such a great resource go unused.