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02-08-03 02:27
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      safrole from steam distillation Juniper virginiana  Bookmark   

I have read some older posts talking about acquiring safrole by steam distilling the foliage of juniper virginiana and i just wanted to see if anyone was currently doing this?  I also understand that it has some other compounds in it such as limonene, isosafrole, and some others.  are any additional steps needed to get them out of the oil or would one just distill the oil exactly like you would sassafras oil.

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02-08-03 22:14
      any takers?
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02-09-03 01:22
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      Pickler has looked into this essential oil.  Bookmark   

Pickler has looked into this essential oil. However, the safrole isn't in the stuff the oil dealers have. They don't have the foilage oil. If you really fel like climbing a 100 ft tree for some leaves, good luck. If you do manage to get the foilage, you just distill the oil and seperate as usual.

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