Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
02-09-03 14:08
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HAs any one used this synth with any aldehydes to get to the phenyl2nitropropenes.  It seems much better than the typical EtNO2/AA procedure and could be done on a huge scale without glassware or ammonium acetate and with premixed EtNo2/Alcohol.  WOuld ethanol serve the same purpose here as the Methanol.

The deeper i dig the more my mind gets blown with possibilities.

WTF is going on here.

How come this kind of shit doesn't get discussed here. 
It appears to me that in the 3 hrs i been sitting at the computer today i been able to scheme up a completely OTC way to mass produce methamphetamine For pennies yet there are people getting busted for buying Ephedrine.  What the hell is going on here?????? 

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
(Chief Bee)
02-09-03 14:31
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What do you refer to with "this synth"? You don't include any information, just a lot of ranting...
02-09-03 15:15
      I pieced this together so far
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(Chief Bee)
02-09-03 16:52
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