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02-13-03 19:52
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42g melatonin taken up in 300g isobutanol. Add 30g NaOH and 3g sodium dithionite. Reflux 2h @ 105 deg. under N2. Cool mixt. ext with 500g water. Aqueous phase conatins sodium acetate and excess NaOH-seperate. Acidify isobutanol phase to pH 2 with 32% HCl. Concentrate solution to induce crystallization of 36g crude mexamine. Recrystallize from 96% EtOH to obtain 30g white crystalls of mexamine of 98.5% purity.

This matherial from Rhodium/ Can smbd  say how i can add 2methyl groups yo 5-meo-t ???
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02-13-03 19:56
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1. Please take the time to choose a meaningful subject

2. See the last step in: Post 405291 (pHarmacist: "Synth. of 5-halo-tryptamine derivatives", Tryptamine Chemistry)

I guess that you want to add Me functions to the N and produce a 3* amine, your question is vague.

3. You should havce posted this in Tryptamine Forum or Newbee Forum maybe in some thread allready discussing this issue instead of starting a new one, and use TFSE.

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