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02-13-03 16:16
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      Carius tube     

I was reading a intertesting synth. that used a piece of equipment called "Carius tube" as a reaction vessel for 2 reagents that are allowed to react at 20-30 celsius. Does anyone know what this look like and what is it used for specificly? I googled some but with no result. Please help. Thank you.

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02-13-03 16:51
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      Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary     

Carius tube (bomb tube). A hard, glass thick-walled tube, sealed at one end, that is approximately 40 cm long. 

02-13-03 18:40
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Carius tubes are only useful to chemists that also are glassblowers, but fortunately there's a substitute available smile

Pressure Vessel, Griffin-Worden

Sealed-Tube Reactions: As a substitute for the Carius-type tube with the advantages that sealing with a torch is not required. Pressure release is conveniently and safely achieved prior to opening by means of a valve.

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02-13-03 18:45
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02-13-03 18:54
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      Sugar chemistry.     

I believe that Carius tubes were used in the olden days before instrumental analysis as part of the procedure for determining the structure of a sugar wherein the sugar is reduced to a hydrocarbon by the action of aqueous HI at elevated temperature and pressure. I once found some (just very heavy wall pyrex tubing) in a stockroom where they had been laying untouched for perhaps decades.

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08-01-04 15:09
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      Working with Sealed Tubes
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These four pages from Cohen's Practical Organic Chemistry; on using a sealed tube for an analytical procedure should bee quite helpful to any bee wishing to know how to work with such tubes for other procedures wink


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