scram (Hive Bee)
02-16-03 19:45
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      Chemical Luminescense in Powder  Bookmark   

What the hell is this!!??
Upon playing with the all favorite type of honey powder in the dark, the powder has a flame blue glow every time its rubbed together. Caps being filled were first notice to give out a light glowing spark everytime they hit the powder. Upon further investigation, a spoon was rubbed against the powder which produced moderate trails of luminescense that lasts about 2 seconds. Could this be residual acetone being ignited within the crystal producing a miniture explosion? Or has the DEA put a 'tracer' in oil (just kidding about the second part)
(Chief Bee)
02-17-03 01:06
No 408856
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I haven't heard of triboluminescence ( occuring with MDMA.HCl, but it occurs with LSD tartrate. Either that actually is the case, or the powder just had some static electricity built up.
(Naked Abyss)
02-22-03 21:30
No 410958
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static sounds too easy an explanation. must bee something more sci-fi and fun.

anybee seen st elmo's fire on their powder?
(Chief Bee)
02-23-03 20:41
No 411329
      It's called triboluminescense.  Bookmark   

It's called triboluminescense.
02-25-03 13:32
No 411570
      You can see something similar when you open...  Bookmark   

You can see something similar when you open envelopes:

Video meliora proboque; Deteriora sequor. -Ovid
(I'm Yust a Typo)
02-25-03 14:18
No 411593
      So you're telling him that his honey is ...  Bookmark   

So you're telling him that his honey is dirrrrty!
(Hive Bee)
02-25-03 22:06
No 411820
      Same effect was observed upon opening squeeze...  Bookmark   

Same effect was observed upon opening squeeze bottle mayonaise. I won't give out the mayonaise source, you must pm me on that.  Our folks at the DEA could make that watched soon. They have those plastic coated paper safety seals. When pealed off it emitted a very weak light at the glued part.