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02-20-03 04:09
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      Good Substitute 4 flaskless people  Bookmark   

Trouble finding a flask, well look no futher, because I have deal 4 u. Make a trip to ur local W??-???t and get a coffee pot, not a reg. pot but a WHISTLER pot. Disasemble it so all uhave left is the glass part..go to a local Hardware est. and get a 3" rubber test cap for PVC for lid and abt 3' of 5/8 braided hose and a bag of balloons, throw it all together to make relieable vessel that will carry u into the next millineumwink

Check this! A man with his own FLAVA and Whistler relies on no one, just himself, prophetized, set.
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02-20-03 04:59
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      As previously seen in TSE...  Bookmark   

As previously seen in TSE...

Post 77834 (fudgemonkey: "Re: P/P dream", Stimulants)

Also works great when kerplunking with naptha. (VE Universal extraction-Straight 2 bee)
02-20-03 19:43
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      mexican soda bottle  Bookmark   

i was in this mexican resturant the other day (best quesadilla i've ever fuckin had)anyways i got a mexican soda and its a medio litre perfect for 500 ml flask, haven't tested tested it yey hope it can handle temps.

if the world was a bitch id stick my dick in the ground......FUCK THA WORLD
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02-21-03 01:26
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Snapple bottles come in hand for the small rxn's.....
Also Dont think it is a good idea to ever use an open flame in a project of our natures....

How is it I feel better on the 4th day than I did on the 2nd
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02-21-03 07:42
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      I have never had any problems buying Simax RB...  Bookmark   

I have never had any problems buying Simax RB flasks and like.I don't feel like using coffee pot for distilling purpouses

For those about to synth,we salute you
02-21-03 08:21
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      How about crystal?  Bookmark   

How would a crystal vase do? You could throw it back up on the mantle piece after cleaning.

You have to be careful with otc ghetto glass because every bottle is different, I've looked at hundreds. Things I've noted are:
uneven thickness of the base
fractures or folds in the glass on the base during blowing
very green through the glass signifying a lot of airbubbles

those three are the ones that should make you think twice.

Like, you aren't going to find perfect clarity in coke bottle crap, but look at heaps of coke or beer bottles, SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS, choose the best one after looking at a lot of them.
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02-26-03 10:00
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      this has been covered so many times.  Bookmark   

whistler tea kettles will work but are subject to cracks and breakage like any glassware' plus they need some extra tweaking to work''so for the money it's not very practical.

"search the hive for better methods".

SWIHFT has used the very same setup your using'' and while it works there are much better and easier methods available. 

  "fuck karma "