greatgooglymugly (Stranger)
02-22-03 13:40
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      A question about the demethylation of codeine  Bookmark   

Swid has read codeine to morphine conversion review and hommebake method countless times, and has three questions:

1) What strength HCL acid  should be used when making the pyridine salt?

2) What is the use of the filter paper under the stopper when reacting the codeine and pyridine? Would one use a solid stopper or one with holes?

3) What would be the best way for a kitchen chemist to heat the reaction between the codeine and pyridine?

Thanks for the info,
03-03-03 18:09
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      demeth  Bookmark   

All of these questions have been answered before. Try the search engine....or UTFSE as the response normally goes. This "reaction" is harder than it sounds and usually has a poor yield. The ph has to be accurate within a narrow range and keeping H2O out of the reaction vessel is imperative.
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