craig420 (Hive Bee)
02-23-03 13:50
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      4-ace-dipt degredation and by-products  Bookmark   

Certain batches of 4-acetoxy-dipt (HCl salt) seem to have a severe problem with stability, rendering what is initially an active material into a non-active material in a matter of a couple weeks (stored in dark refrigerated areas).  Typically HCl salts of tryptamines are rather stable and do not degrade in such a timeframe (to the best of my knowledge).

What would the likely by-products of such material degredation be?  Others have mentioned that it may have degraded into the hydroxy counterpart but this would result in a material that is also active thus I discount this theory entirely. 

Also, what is the likely cause of such a quick degredation?  Any thoughts on how to halt it?

02-23-03 14:06
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      What synthetic route has been used, at which...  Bookmark   

What synthetic route has been used, at which temperature has it been stored (-20C or 4C), what's the appearance of the salt, did you check the product before and after storage by TLC, how did you notice the drop in activity...
(Hive Bee)
02-23-03 16:39
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      I'm unsure of the synthetic route used as I...  Bookmark   

I'm unsure of the synthetic route used as I wasn't the chemist...although, I guess that would be relevant information.

The temperature range of storage was in the range of ordinary refrigeratures (not freezers), exact temperature unknown.

The appearance of the salt is a fine powder of tan color.  The visual appearance of the material did not seem to change as the degredation occured.

The activity drop was determined by multiple people's experiences taking the substance orally shortly after synthesis and then again more than a week later.  Initially a dose of 15-20mg produced full experiences; later results of 35mg, 60mg, and 115mg, produced no pronounced effects, only a mild tryptamine feel flowing through the body.

(note: all above information was relayed to me by a third-party who resides in a free land where all such activities are legal)
(Hive Bee)
02-25-03 20:14
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      4ace-dipt.hcl usually lasts for months in a...  Bookmark   

4ace-dipt.hcl usually lasts for months in a ziploc in the freezer slowly going from white to tan with little decrease in potency. and tolerance to it is similar to psilocybin- mostly gone in a week.

so my guess is your ace-dipt is getting wet. is your environment humid?
was the ace-dipt kept sealed in an airtight container?

storing it over a drying agent such as CaCl2 will prevent further degradation.

anyway, oral absorption of ace-dipt can be kind of quirky...
if you dissolve it in EtOH immediately before consumption it will come on sooner, stronger, and more reliably.

hrm, out of curiosity, how much did the ace-dipt cost?
(Hive Bee)
03-08-03 07:43
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      It was completely dry.  Bookmark   

It was completely dry.  It was not an issue of moisture.  Someone I spoke with that is close to the chemist mentioned that they believe it the route they used to create the HCl which caused the instability.  Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge of the route that was used.