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02-25-03 18:56
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jetson's been playing around again and recently put down the reflux condenser and gave the ole push pull, "fast rxn", a try.  well yeilds were below what he usually gets when refluxing but that's not the point of this post.  the point is that he has found that all one needs in order to make themselves a very low tech fully functional push/pull device is a rxn vessel of course, some braided tubing that fits up with the rxn vessel, a glass/jar/bottle/whatevah of h2o and an inline oneway check valve.  getting the picture?  the inlinve check valve goes in the hose in between the rxn vessel and the h2o, or in other words, in-line.  that's all no suck back traps to get in the way,  no big plastic bottles that make your lab look like shite(no offense,  jetson's just a neat freak that's all) and it's really really simple to set up and understand.  one thing you need to make sure the check valve is of the low pressure type.  that's all...

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02-25-03 22:42
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Check valve? Too high tech for me... wink

A side-arm flask with a length of braided hose and a couple of doubled-up condoms taped securely to one end is also capable of making great dope.
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02-26-03 01:40
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Because I'm told she's very interested in a simple setup: Re: inline check valve: Do you mean this?

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02-26-03 03:22
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Yeah aztec, I read the write-up for that valve on their website, and that's what he's talking about...

It allows air/gas to flow from the reaction vessel into the push/pull container, but in the event of suckback, it prevents water from being pulled INTO your rxn vessel from the push/pull container.
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02-26-03 16:33
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yeah whatevah you can find.  there are many different types, shapes sizes and pressure capacities of one way valves at your local hoe's store and other home improvement centers, plus the auto stores and a myriad of others.  as long as it is the size you need, of a low pressure type and most importantly of all a one way valve then that's it. 

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