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02-26-03 08:49
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Does anyone knows the MP of Ergometrine Maleate,

Chemfinder does not give this info and I did not finded anywhere else. Thanks!
02-26-03 18:20
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Ergometrine is the INN (WHO),here some Spezifications:

Ergometrine is an amine ergot alkaloid. The molecular formula of ergometrine maleate, designated chemically as 9,10-didehydro- N -[( S )-2-hydroxy-1-methylethyl]-6-methylergoline-8-carboxamide hydrogen maleate is C19H23N3O2,C4H4O4. Its molecular weight is 441.5. The CAS registry numbers of ergometrine and ergometrine maleate are 60-79-7 and 129-51-1 respectively.

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02-27-03 02:42
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Ergometrine Maleate

mp 182-190C1
mp 166-167C2
mp 193C2

[1] Sci. Pharm. 34, 281-297 (1966)
[2] Patent FR1338023; CA 60, 3026f (1964)
[3] Patent DE945841