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02-27-03 23:21
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      pictures of dmt tartrate  Bookmark   

Unfortunately, tripod blocks hotlinks from other sites, so anyway, some initial pictures, and a log and comments of acacia dmt extraction can be found at:


SWIM who wrote the log and made the pictures with his scanner, intends to completely dry the crystals and test them for activity via insufflation. IV activity has already been proven.

I hope this won't become a greyed out post. Probably will. I probably posted the URL somewhere here before. someone might see it before the mods do though.

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02-28-03 06:23
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      proper ratio of dmt to tartaric acid  Bookmark   

Thus far SWIM has made dmt tartrate with a roughly equimolar ratio, but due to its acidity, he suspects that it might require half as much, ie with a 2:1 ratio in favour of dmt.

IM administration as well as insufflation demonstrated no activity, and SWIM knows that both methods of administration are often dependent on the pH of the material - that is to say, it needs to be neutral. Both doses were of 75mg of dry crystalline dmt tartrate. a slightly successful IM dose using dmt ascorbate suggests that possibly if the salt could be made more neutral that it would be more effective, and may prove to work intranasally.

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