honeysmoker (Hive Bee)
03-01-03 04:40
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If you can’t get your hands on a scale, get your ass in the kitchen and grab one of those glass spice jars that usually sit on a rack with all sorts of other spices.  Dump out the contents and fill the 3” spice Jar about a third full with water.
 As it would be nice to have a digital scale on you at all times, the vibrator takes precedence in an overstuffed purse. Anyways, proper ratio’s can never be stressed upon enough in the RP/I/E rxn  so let the ratio’s begin.
Get a cigar size test tube and place it in the spice jar with the water and make sure that the test tube is floating above the bottom of the jar and that the water level is not about to spill out the top. Get a ruler of any kind and measure the depth of the water in the jar.
Next put your E inside the testube and measure the new depth of the water as it sits in the spice jar. Mark that measurement against the first measurement. Remove your E and replace with I2, adding just enough to match the water level measurement you took for the E.
You should now have enough data to calculate your RP. Your first measurement was the weight of the test tube as it displaced water at a certain level in the jar. Subtract the two measurements taken and divide by 3 for your third RP calculation. Of course make sure you have removed the I2 before weighing.
So how about calibration? Remove the RP and place in the test tube a u.s nickel. Five pennies won’t do. Mark that measurement against the others. It displaces approximately ˝” of water on my spice jar. Anyways that measurement is appox equivalent to 5 grams. Elementary, but better than eyeball for sure.

(Miss High & Mighty)
03-02-03 01:05
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      That is fucking brilliant.  Bookmark   

That is fucking brilliant.
Why didnt you tell me this 3 years ago,I wouldnt have bought scales.?frown

Simply brilliant.
Bee honest,did you think of that.

This is as great as Jackeds Ph paper towels.smile

Nice one Honeysmoker.
(Hive Bee)
03-02-03 02:19
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The accident that tripped the switch...

True story.  HS had her digital scale taken and busted in a million pieces.  Eye-balling has been producing unfavorable yields for the last dozen dreams.  Her first attempt was UTSFE on the hive and she's no chemist and doesn't understand the chem-conversion table at the HIVE abbreviations page that  was referenced to. Her second attempt she posted her question and of course, big flames that sent her back to the UTSFE. SO  her feeling aren't hurt too bad so she goes to the Chemicals and the Equipment page where she see's an excellent writeup from Rhodium on Homemade milligram scale.  Well she isn't that much of an electrical junkyard mistress and she realizes that she doesn't really care too much about how much things weigh, just that they are in propper ratio.  She prints out Rhodium's writeup and she wants to think all of this over a hot bath.  She fills the tub and strips her clothes and steps in. As the 103lbs submerged with only breasts floating to the top, the water level almost overflows out of the tub. In less than 5 minutes, she's out of the tub and emptying curry powder that she really doesn't care about.  Her next dream gave birth to good yields once again.  SHe flew her bee ass all over the house as she was happy to have Rhodium's writeup on the brain when she got naked in the tub!