soulbee (Stranger)
03-01-03 15:49
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      ..............simply gbl?  Bookmark   

I have found a source for gbl through a nail polish remover, though the ingredients contain orange peel extract and amino acids(dimethytlgluterate, dimethylsuccinate, dimethyladipate). Thinking that these were friendly amino acids, I ingested some and got quite nauseous. Is there any way to extract the other ingredients to simply have gbl?

(Hive Addict)
03-01-03 16:51
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      how about simple distillation?  Bookmark   

how about simple distillation?

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(Hive Bee)
03-01-03 17:14
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      Amino acids..? Dimethyl glutarate, dimethyl...  Bookmark   

Amino acids..? Dimethyl glutarate, dimethyl succinate and dimethyl adipate are esters of diacids (pentanedioic acid, butanedioic acid, hexanedioic acid).

I would distill the mixture even if they are pretty harmless (the acids are used as food additives).

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03-01-03 23:01
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      how did u know it contains gbl?  Bookmark   

how did u know it contains gbl? was it listed on the bottle??
03-02-03 00:11
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      yep........  Bookmark   

.........only three ingredients listed: amino acids, gamma butyrolactone, & orange peel extract. Although, after distillation you'd probably get so little gbl it's not worth it.

(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
03-02-03 01:05
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I'd start off by converting to NaGHB. I'd react 1 mol GBL with 1 mol A.C.S. NaOH (or 1 mol baking soda with 10 parts water, reflux 20 mins). Then I'd distill off the water. The orange peel extract should distill off, and what remains should be safer to your body.

If it still isn't clean enough, recrystallize with ethanol and you should be good to go.
03-02-03 15:20
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........alright, I'll give it a go. The smell of the orange peel extract is nauseating alone. We'll see how long my source for this stuff lasts also. ;o( Thanks! :o)