honeysmoker (Hive Bee)
03-02-03 11:46
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At WaLMart, where teeth are considered a luxury, there is an isle that sells all sorts of office stuff.  In my area, there is a 110v electric paper shredder that requires absolutely no modification for a perfect Slice of RP right off the cover.

Rip the book from the matches and insert the cover thru the shredder and the output is a perfectly clean strip of RP with out the scissors.  Use the shredder's own paper guide and you don't even have to look what your doing when you drop them in. The cut is .001" over the RP strip so its damn accurate.
The only hassle that I have come across is I havn't been able to rig up a 100% perfect jig that sorts the RP strip from the rest of the shredded cover.  My setup catches 100% of the rp strips but get 5% of shredded cover that I gots to pick out. Another skill needed is to be able to rip the cover from the matches without leaving the staple. the shredder gets pissed when he has to choke on a staple. Anyways its less concentration and back ache than doing the edward scissorhand routine. At least it is for her.

The make and model # of the shredder thats ready to use off the shelf with no modification other than a catch seperator is:

ROYAL Jaws Document Paper Shredder its the kind that has an adjustable width to straddle a garbage man. I mean garbage can.(blush)