scram (Hive Bee)
03-02-03 19:43
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If tests were being done on pills to determine disolution rate, what would be the ideal amount of time for a pill to disolve completely? I'm thinking no less than 6 minutes and no more than 20 with a mean full disolution of ~15 minutes to provide the best rise and peak. Could anyone else give their opinion on what time should be aimed for? Also when simulating a gastro enviroment, what would be the best medium: just plain water with hcl at ph 3? What would be the ideal ph. Should any thicknening chemical be added to make the water more viscous?

Test were done using a time realease vitamin c powder that contained dicalcium phospate (which I believe to be the TR agent). However, depending on the compaction of the tablet, it took at least 20 minutes to disolve most of it in warm water. This is too long I believe to provide an ideal disolution.
(Chief Bee)
03-02-03 19:59
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Aren't there anything to be found on the galenic pharmacy sites on the net?

Ideally, the tablet should dissolve instantly, the only limiting factor is that the tablets tend to become fragile (crumbles from light pressure, or very humid storage conditions) with a more porous structure either from excipient choice or light pressing.