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03-03-03 22:45
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      cupric chloride in the real world  Bookmark   

what use is cupric chloride used for in the real world?
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03-03-03 22:51
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      chemical synthesis  Bookmark   

synthesis, catalyzation,ETCHING etc.  oh, and making people ask questions.


"The two approaches are most clearly differentiated by the fact that the Ammoniacal etch uses proprietary chemicals, whereas the Cupric Chloride etchant uses basic chemicals."

Synthesis of the Copper compounds:

03-13-03 08:10
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thanks for pointing swis in the right direction.  also found that it is used in fireworks sweeeeeeeet
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03-14-03 15:40
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Add an equimolor ammount of CUSO4 to CaCL2 both dissolved in H2O.  When you add them together CaSO4 will percipitate.  FIlter the CaSOr off and evaporate the liquid to give a  green powder.  Rxtyalize before you use it in any synth.

Start thinking more like a chemist and less like a criminal
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03-18-03 10:02
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      HCl?  Bookmark   

I might get myself bad karma for this, but wouldn't you get CuCl if you stuck some copper into a bowl of HCl solution?

It means buckle your seatbelts dorothy, because kansas ... is going bye bye
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03-18-03 22:07
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      Boiling  Bookmark   

I think you have to boil the solution to get it to give a chloride.  (even then, I'm not sure the yields of each chloride or which is formed)