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03-04-03 02:28
No 413606
      Novel Electrochemical MDP2P Synthesis
(Rated as: excellent)

Isosafrole epoxide (1h) in refluxing dichloroethane (containing Li or Na Perchlorate as electrolyte) is rearranged to MDP2P (2h) in 82% yield by electrolyzing the solution with platinum foil electrodes. At a current density of 3.3 mA/cm2, 0.06 Faradays per mole of epoxide is required to effect the transformation.

With slight modifications to the procedure and addition of acetone, isosafrole glycol acetonide can be produced instead in 85% yield, and is easily hydrolyzed to isosafrole glycol with dilute acid.

Tet. Lett. 24(28), 2857-2860 (1983) (../rhodium/chemistry /epox-iso.electro.html)