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03-05-03 05:04
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Looking I wiling to take the heat on this. I sure I'm going to hear alot about using tfse. Here it goes, while I was doing some sourcing a cam across a company that name SASS-(Cinnamomom camphora). I have never heard it called this before. Found another company that does not sell SASS, but Cinnamomom camphora at $17.60 for 2.2lbs, so im like great. My question- Is this the real thing or am I get my hopes up? help me out show me a little help.  

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03-05-03 15:28
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Correct spelling is "Cinnamomum Camphora" - that should give you considerably more hits in TFSE. The camphor tree also contains a lot of safrole, just like sassafras. They are not the same plant though.
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03-06-03 12:55
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if they don't specify that it's sassafras or brown camphor oil then it is regular camphor oil. ~5% safrole. swim tried getting the sassy out of 1oz of regular camphor oil (not white). there was none. probably there are regional variations in safrole content of c. camphora
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03-14-03 06:18
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Lord knows I have searched extensively for brown camphor oil but with zero success.
Sassafrass is still available in the US in small quantities but even that may come to an end and then where is that brown camphor oil?

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03-15-03 10:12
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The Cinnamomum Camphora (or camphorlaurel tree) is a common weed in eastern Australia. Unfortunately, there are different 'chemotypes'. From what I have read the 'safrole' type is not common. The one we see round here is the 'lineool; type.
But I have yet to confirm this through experiment.
There is a creek down the road (runs next to a university in western Sydney) that has eroded to expose the roots of 20 meter high camphorlaurel trees.
The security guards there are quite friendly (well, the one I met)and will give you a guided tour of the place if you rock up late at night. (It was during this tour I noticed the trees.)
One day I will endevour to find out just how much safrole these trees contain and of course the Hive will bee the first to find out.

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03-15-03 11:28
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Botanical names  Cinnamomun camphora

Family  Lauraceae

Part of plant used  Crude Camphor is collected from the trees in crystalline form. The essential oil is produced by steam distillation from the wood, root stumps and branches and rectified under vacuum and filter pressed to produce threefractions, knowas white, brown and yellow camphor.

Major constituents  The chemistry of camphor is very complex and continues to maintain biochemical intrigue. There are five main chemotypes :

: camphor

: cineole

: safrol

: linalool

: sesquiterpene

A typical analysis of the Cinnamomum camphora subsp eucamphor was reported as follows (8):a-pinene (3.76%), camphene (1.64%), b-pinene (1.26%), limonene (2.71%), 1,8-cineole (4.75%), y-terpinene (0.24%), p-cymene (0.14%), terpinolene (0.3%), furfural (0.16%), camphor (51.5%), linalool (0.68%), bornyl acetate (0.02%), terpinen-4-ol (0.57%), caryophyllene (1.49%), borneol (0.02%), piperitone (2.41%), geraniol (0.63%), safrole (13.4%), cinnamaldehyde (0.08%), methyl cinnamate (0.08%), eugenol (0.12%).

The yellow and brown fractions have a very high safrole content ( yellow: 10-20% ; brown: 80%).

Hazards Brown and yellow camphor are toxic and carcinogenic. White camphor does not contain safrole however it is considered a convulsant and neurotoxin.

Contra-indications   Should not be used in aromathererapy.

Comments   The symptoms of camphor oil poisoning by ingestion include nausea, vomiting, colic, headaches, dizziness, delirium, muscle twitching, epileptiform convulsions, depression of the central nervous system and coma. Death from respiratory failire is rae though fatalities in chidren have been recorded from ingesting 1g of camphor oil.

Camphorated oil is prepared with 20 % camphor in any fixed oil .

The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy

By Salvatore Battaglia

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03-18-03 01:57
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13.4%? that's pretty damn good yield. "Cinnamomum camphora subsp eucamphor" - what is this tree exactly - I understand there is numerous subspecies of camphor laurel, mostly they are found in asia.

Sassafras trees will never be made illegal though. there's numerous varieties and I believe we have a number of natives here in oz too.

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03-18-03 07:54
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When the last drops of legal sassy run dry, we'll be 1) out in the fields bringing home our days crop to the steam distillery 2) working with pyrocatechol and the such or other extraneous methods 3) buying it off illegal sources (can you imagine how many illegal sources there would be if psuedo-Eph and Eph were suddenly gone. Most of the uneducated meth "cooking" lot don't even know what p2p is unless they're old). I'm simply praying that day doesn't come soon as it is wishful thinking that it will be never.

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