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03-06-03 03:51
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This is not my forum however I ran into this article and thought there might be some interest. It may have been posted before or it may be widely known , for that I'm sorry for my not being aware of

Preliminary Feasibility Study for The Biological Production of L-Dopa, Mescaline and Tryptamines by Intact Recombinant Yeast Cells Using Only Common Amino Acids as Precursors to Bioenzymatic Synthesis

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03-06-03 04:07
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A lot of people who frequented the board in 1998-1999 will remember the author of that paper, who registered a zillion usernames here (DM_Telvis, Mormon_Trailer, Most_Hated etc) and proceeded to heavily flame and insult every single member who had opinions only slightly differing from his (including questioning if he really could pull off that project single-handedly)...
03-06-03 12:13
      dammit we need more recombitant bees
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