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03-09-03 11:41
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      OTCcodine-->morphine-->heroin;getting codine  Bookmark   

Hypothetically, if someone needed many (like 200+) bottles of codine/caffine/asprin per month of a certain brand for use in the codine--->morphine--->heroin synthesis how can one person do this without having to get many other people to go in and buy it?!?

Hypothetically, the problem is that only one certain brand is easy and viable to work with for this procedure. This brand also happens to be from the store that watches and tracks all sales of codine containing products the closest. Pharmacists can get suspicious. How can one person go about aquiring a large number of bottles of this product, therefore successfully achieving an unstoppable and totally OTC heroin synthesis?
03-09-03 11:50
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      p.s.  Bookmark   


This hypothetical question is in regards to Canada, where codine is available OTC in 8mg per pill quanities when combined with 325mg of asprin of acetominophin and 15 mg of caffine per pill.

A big thank you goes out to anyone who can provide info on this hypothetical question.
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03-10-03 06:25
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      Obviously you're going to need to know some...  Bookmark   

Obviously you're going to need to know some people. Maybe get a box out of the stocking room at this store? Leave a wad of cash though, otherwise karma will fuck you and you end up blowing yourself to kingdom come!

My warning: I suspect that if you can't think of any way to get your 200+ bottles of codeine, you are liable to get caught following someone else's plan due to the inability to improvise.

Don't misunderestimate a person if he or her is working toward the embetterment of America.
03-24-03 20:38
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      why don't you just buy the powder  Bookmark   

Why do you bother gettin it out of pills when the powder is readily available.

Paralysis by analysis
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03-24-03 23:48
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      What is available in powder form?  Bookmark   

What is available in powder form?
03-25-03 00:49
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      swim is very startled to hear that codiene is...  Bookmark   

swim is very startled to hear that codiene is otc in canada--is it not a schedule I as listed here: ../rhodium/chemistry /law/csa.canada.txt

if this is wrong, then what other worthwhile pharmaceuticals are available otc in canada which are kept from swim's in US?

swim might have to make a trip.
(Chief Bee)
03-25-03 02:08
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      big difference  Bookmark   

Codeine is only OTC in 8(?)mg amounts mixed with other pharmaceuticals (like acetaminophen), which usually makes a world of a difference when it comes to what schedule something is placed in. If you had pure codeine in your possession in .ca  you would most likely be committing a crime.
03-26-03 18:57
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      Rhodium is right, although it is schedule I,...  Bookmark   

Rhodium is right, although it is schedule I, it is available OTC in 8mg/pill quantities when mixed with other shit. Contrary to what rudebwoy say, it is not readily available as powder since the pure powder would be controlled and treated equally as illegal as heroincrazy I also expect that if someone where ever busted with any extract of codine from OTC pills, even just the simple cold water extract which leaves all the caffine, binders, and some ASA, that they would be charged for the full weight, even though it is only about 1/3 codine, and punished based on the sentencing guidlines for possession with intent or manufacturing a schedule I substance. Pretty fucking harsh indeed.
03-31-03 23:39
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      swim made the trip...  Bookmark   

swim made the trip... 375mg asprin, 15mg caffiene, 8mg codeine phosphate.

is anyone sure that the asprin and caffiene are insoluble in ~1 C dh20?  are there any other solvents that might work better(purer product, more volatile)?  once the filtrate is set apart from the caffiene, asprin, binders, can it be be dried to a powder?
04-01-03 04:21
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      -They are not insoluable, only a very low...  Bookmark   

-They are not insoluable, only a very low solubility UTFSE to find out exactly
-Water works best for the first extraction. It can then be basified and the freebase codine extracted out using chloroform, however chloroform is hard to get for some people. For more info on this process and how to make chloroform OTC, again UTFSE.
-It can be dried into a powder, but watch the heat. It is best to  have low heat and large surface area to facilitate rapid evaporation of the low volitility solvent water.

If you just plan on using the codine as is, and not making anything else out of it, a simple cold water extract is sufficient for recreational purposes. This extract contains such a small amount of asprin that there is no problem or risk of asprin poisoning. I suggest that you check out chromics cold water extract write-up on if you havent already.
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04-01-03 18:53
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      Boiling off the water  Bookmark   

>It is best to  have low heat and large surface area to facilitate
>rapid evaporation of the low volitility solvent water.

Close. It's best to have as high of a heat as possible and a large surface area. No matter the heat, you're going to have the codeine held at a temperature of 100C. The idea is to minimize the time that it stays at 100C, so the higher the heat, the faster the water boils off, the less time the codeine is at 100C.

Water is the best solvent, don't let your intuition get in the way. I thought alcohols, organics, etc would be better. They're not... extract with water (if you want better purity, use distilled water).
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04-01-03 21:40
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      My 2 cents  Bookmark   

In the past swim has gotten it from international pharmacies for $15.00/gram.
definitely the way to go.
Before my brother died I was in pharmacy school and my instructor tells me there are some states in the U.S. where you don't need a script for it in 8 mg tablet form, but it is kept under the counter and you have to sign for it.
In the instance where they contain caffiene would'nt CH2Cl2 work to remove caffiene from the aqueous layer?
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04-02-03 00:24
No 423135
      $15/g of pure powder?!  Bookmark   

$15/g of pure powder?!

Wouldn't that be equally illegal as heroin?!

I think it would be pretty risky to order something THAT ilegall through the mail.
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04-02-03 01:16
No 423146
      No it was 50mg tablets  Bookmark   

The exipients were just lactose (milk sugar)
and no it really isn't too risky or at least then it wasn't.
It really depends on variables like what carrier you use, how it's packaged, where it's coming from ( I think this was out of Portugal), and how much you order, customs isn't as interested in doing controlled delivery of smaller quantities of pharmacueticals, they will just seize the package.
If you have it sent first class U.S.P.S.they need a court ordered warrant to search it.
There are loopholes you just have to know.
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04-03-03 00:51
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      Codeine status  Bookmark   

The codine status in Canada is this one:
Under the law 27 on narcotics:
The maximum dose per cap or tablet is 8mg
20mg/30ml of syrup

BUT It has to contain at least two other non narcotic ingredient such as aspirin and cafeine
Drugs that contain codine are too be sold only by pharmacists and kept away from sight.

Examples are Atasol-8 which contains
325 mg Acetaminopen
8mg codine phoshsphate
30mg cafeine citrate

Now I am not saying that it cant be found anywhere. Just that in canada, unless under a prescription you shouldnt be able to get more then that.

I dont know the status elsewhere but its likely to be quite the same, canada customs is a piece of swiss cheeze!
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04-03-03 01:59
No 423437
      yeah butinternational pharmacies don't give two  Bookmark   

Shits about legal or illegal.
04-03-03 16:45
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      Afganistan style  Bookmark   

You may want to look into harvesting opium, with spring
coming up soon. Unless you can come across tylenol 3's or

Coke <----lol 
Meth <----Oohyaaa
04-18-03 06:09
No 427734
      bizcut, swim is not just trying to do a crude...  Bookmark   

bizcut, swim is not just trying to do a crude and dirty extraction of the codeine.  swim wants to extract ~3g of codeine, then react with pyridine for morphine, and acetic anhydride to diacetylmorphine.  this is why swim is particulary concerned about the effectiveness of the extraction. 

considering this, should swim still do an intitial cold water, or just straight up go with he chcl2?
04-19-03 01:32
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      methyl morphine  Bookmark   

ya can buy 1000 lot bottles over the counter no questions.To make codiene they use morphine and add a methyl group. If it is possible to remove the methyl group then add a diacetyl group ya have heroin. Opium contains 15% morphine this is why they use morphine to make codiene which is used more often than morphine.
04-19-03 04:37
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04-22-03 14:39
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      holly shit  Bookmark   

Thats fucking expinsive for dam codin pills.
Over hear in the land of OZ you can buy a box of 48 that have 12.8mg Codine, aswell as idobupren or what ever the fuck it is, And if ya jus go see the Doc and tell him ya back is fucking killing ya , He will jus write ya up a script for diffrent pills that contain codine, And that brand contains 30mg of codine, And it is so fucking easy to go doctor shoping these days.
So move to OZlaughlaughlaughcrazy

Ask no question's, and i will tell no lies.