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03-11-03 10:53
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  Isobutylene [CAS# 115-11-7] (C4H8) - What's the smallest tank of this stuff I can get? The isobutylene shouldn't cost that much, but what about the damned tank?! Can I just tell the chem supplier that I want 500g of this stuff, or am I supposed to know size of tank, type of tank, pressure, blah, blah? As far as haz-mat fees go, will it make a difference that isobutylene isn't under as much pressure as many other gases, or will I be fucking raped for what little cash I have?
  I've looked at many patents for isobutylene, and they show ways to extract it from hydrocarbon mixes. Is there any way to make this shit without a fucking oil refinery or some super-bizzarro catalyst under immense pressure?

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03-12-03 02:29
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It should bee available in whats called a "lecture bottle" which is basically like a small disposable propane cylinder.  The tank shouldn't bee to expensive, but I doubt very many suppliers carry that so they will probably jack up the price alot on ya.

Check specialty gas distributors.  Tell them your experimenting with alternatives to propane for camping stoves. laugh
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03-19-03 11:14
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Thanks for that handy info! Peace!cool

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