Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
03-11-03 22:29
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      Clorination of 2,5 dimethoxy toluene  Bookmark   

Can 2,5 dimethoxy toluene be chlorinated in the same manner as toluene normaly would.  Would the rest of the ring not bet chlorinated at the same time. 
A friend told me of a synth from benzyl chlorides where two moles of benzyl chloride would both attach to zinc.  The acetonitrile is added.  A reducton with NaBH4 gives PEA.  I am waiting to hear back from him for some refs.  But what about the chlorination???

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(Hive Bee)
03-12-03 01:40
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      hmmm... I'd say yes. If you can chlorinate...  Bookmark   


I'd say yes. If you can chlorinate toluene with hypochlorite, i cant see why i would not work on 2,5-dimethoxytoluene. The only site, that possibly could be attached would be the 4-position. It is quite activated on the dimethylether-compound, but the worst think that could happen is that it gets chlorinated :) In that case i guess you could just brominate instead and then you'r a step closer anyhow.