ropoctl (Stranger)
03-14-03 04:56
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      pH spikes in alkaloid extractions?  Bookmark   

I was reading through qt's ( mhrb extraction procedure and I noticed

The reason we dilute the base is to prevent localized pH spikes which will  destroy the alkaloids in the area that we are adding the concentrated base.

it's too late to fix that now, but i'd sort of like to know if this is overblown.

i apoligize if this is a "UTFSE" because i may not have searched for the right keywords.

(Chief Bee)
03-14-03 23:40
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      Use dilute acids & bases  Bookmark   

This is standard laboratory practice - never use more concentrated solutions of acids or bases than necessary, unless you are absolutely positive that your compounds are not affected by extreme pH's.

To even go as far as to use solid NaOH when basifying a solution (as many of the meth cooks do) is disturbingly wrong.
03-17-03 04:13
      even dmt...
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