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      Homologation of arylaldehydes to arylacetonitriles  Bookmark   

Homologation of arylaldehydes to arylacetonitriles
Tetrahedron Letters 44(14), 2903-2905 (2003)


Treatment of heteroaryl-aldehydes with diethyl cyanophosphonate in the presence of a catalytic amount of LiCN affords phosphorylated cyanohydrins which are reduced in situ with SmI2 to give heteroaryl-acetonitriles in generally good overall yields (50–100%). The generality of the process is demonstrated.

Other methods for direct homologation of arylaldehydes to arylacetonitriles:

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For selected methods that have been applied to aliphatic/alicyclic aldehydes but either fail or proceed in low yield for aromatic aldehydes, or have not been applied to aryl aldehydes, see:

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