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03-18-03 18:43
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Can someone help me on this one, please.

If you have freebase, that will not go into the acidic water during the A/B extraction, but there is sparce crystallization after gassing (less then 1g), what the fuck does that mean? You start to gas, the solution turns cloudy, you can see some crystals starting to fall out, then you see them growing. Then the PH is at 5. Place the whole thing in the freezer, and it's not even worth to filter them , cause you will never separate them from the filter.

Also, this stuff shows partial crystallization upon standing on a glass plate. And to top that all off, while some of it was sitting in a sep funnel with toluene, the sep funnel drips a little on a piece of paper towel placed under it. Now, when this paper towel dries, there are crystals of the product on it. You can smell them, you can see them!!!

This is turning into a nightmare!!!

Has anyone had this happen to them?frown
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03-18-03 18:46
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Oh shit, I opened one of "those threads"...

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03-18-03 19:05
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This is a borohydride reduction via LaBTop
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03-18-03 20:27
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You have 1g of damm unpure freebase congrat. Tras it and try again. Or destilat the freebase. Alternative decant the unpure substans and rextalise from ipa/acetonitril/ect.