Ed_Bullwinkle (Hive Bee)
03-18-03 22:45
No 418779
      Bromo-Nitro-Styrene ?  Bookmark   

There is a commercial product that is available as a
bio-anti: slime, foam, smell, Zebra Muscle agent..

 contains only ethlyeneBisThiocyanate & BromoNitroStyrene

might this BromoNitroStyrene be of any use and how might one isolate it ?

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(I'm Yust a Typo)
03-18-03 23:19
No 418798
      Even if it is what you think it is, reducing...  Bookmark   

Even if it is what you think it is, reducing it to the amphetamine will give you bromoamphetamine, which is known to be neurotoxic. Bad luck :-)
(Hive Addict)
03-19-03 13:35
No 419036
      But F2 supposedly replaces Br  Bookmark   

But F2 supposedly replaces Br

For those about to synth,we salute you
(Chief Bee)
03-20-03 00:30
No 419187
      Most non-professionals working with F 2 will...  Bookmark   

Most non-professionals working with F2 will end up replacing a whole lot of skin/eye/lung molecules with Fluorine too..