Ed_Bullwinkle (Hive Bee)
03-19-03 03:40
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      Toluene  Bookmark   

Today I checked the shelfs of 2 of the US's biggest Hardware Depots and I didn't find any toluene.

Not stores or Companies,,, but what are some sources for toluene.   No I dont want a substitute,
Not unless it's an EasyOTC purchase and the substitution has paths that lead to a useful Benzaldehyde.


.... UTFSE.. yeah yeah I get so lazy, so fast.

I found local OTC toluene as 'rubber raft cleaner' 

1 more Question: 
can n,Hexane be converted to benzaldehyde, BenzylChloride, p2p ??? 


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(Hive Bee)
03-19-03 06:35
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      Hexane can be converted to benzaldehyde as...
(Rated as: chemistry challenged)

Hexane can be converted to benzaldehyde as follows:

Buy hexane. Then, but it in a jar and leave it there for a while. In the meantime, buy benzoic acid. Reduce it with LiAlH4, and PRESTO! you have benzaldehide. Alternatively, buy benzyl alcohol. Oxidixe it carefully with KMnO4 and VOILA! you have benzaldehyde. Wow - the power of modern chemistry.
(Hive Bee)
03-19-03 07:55
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      benzoic acid - otc?  Bookmark   

ware o ware canst we gets benzoic acid? we get our non beeish friends to get it yes?

could phenol go somewhere with this too?

*cringes* I know I know utfse

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03-20-03 04:59
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he reduces the benzoic with LiAlH4 whats even more OTC......

Benzaldehyde aka oil of bitter almonds will be easier to get as one of these, and whats about toluene + MnO2 + H2SO4 --> benzaldehyde?

ah, UTFSE!

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