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Sodium Bisulfite Addition Complex
 O                           |
 ||  +  NaHSO3  -->  ---OH
/  \                          |
                             SO3 - Na+

Aldehyde and Ketone


Place 1 mL of sodium bisulfite reagent in a test tube and add 0.3 mL or 300 mg of unknown. Stopper the test tube and shake vigorously.

Sodium bisulfite reagent: Add 1 mL of ethanol to 4 mL of a 40% aqueous solution of sodium bisulfite. Decant or filter the solution prior to use.

Positive Test:
Formation of a precipitate is a positive test.

Aryl methyl ketones form the precipitate slowly or not at all.

Addition complex stable only in neutral solution.
There are some stingy bees on the Hive that will not share their resources, I will not name drop, you all know who you are. My message to you is FUCK YOU. Took me some time to find this, so I wanted to share this with other people trying to learn.

Here is another useful link, that will give you some options for testing your reagents:
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