heavenadisaster (Stranger)
03-23-03 20:00
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      obtaining n2 gas  Bookmark   

what are the common uses of this gas and were can it be bought without a hassle?  are dive shops a viable option?  i know that different ratios of n2 and o2 are used for different depths...maybe SWIM could just fill it pure n2?

i utfse but there didn't seem to be any disscusion about nitrogen or about dive shops except for tanks to hold nh3.
03-23-03 22:51
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      some people prefer using it to CO2 when they...  Bookmark   

some people prefer using it to CO2 when they go paint balling. It is sold in cylinder for that purpose.

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
03-24-03 06:52
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      N2 is commonly used in diagnosing air ...  Bookmark   

N2 is commonly used in diagnosing air conditioning system leaks.As it is inexpensive compared to popular refrigerants(not to mention doesnt destroy the o-zone hahaha)the reason air cannot be used is it is a non condensable gas and contains moisture that will contaminate the system.another use for N2 is inflating race car tires as the N2 has minimal expansion due to heat build up,as compared to air which has substantial thermo expansion.it is easily obtained from a local welding/gas supplier with no questions.so who do you want to be today?a.c. technician or amateur race car driver?hope this helps.