grellobanans (Stranger)
03-24-03 20:09
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Can anyone using a robinair vacuum pump tell me how to work this isovalve thing? It seems when I put it on closed it pulls vacuum but on open it just makes a horrible clunking sound. What is happening and what are the proper procedures for turning on/off the pump with the valve?
when is that vacuum pump faq going to appear on rhodium's page?
03-24-03 20:42
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Here's a pretty thorough site on vacuum pumps:


Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
03-24-03 23:58
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03-25-03 01:45
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There must be something wrong with your browser, the link works fine wink If your vacuum pump is making noises, it's time to disassemble it, there are excellent directions on that link for minor repairs, and if you use the search engine, you'll find some very good threads on this subject as well for more serious problems with vacuum pumps smile Hopefully, you stop your vehicle when the motor starts making strange noises smile See Post 413653 (hey_man: "Use The Fucking FAQ", The Couch) if you have any more questions laugh

Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
03-25-03 04:43
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hmmm, yes...the link works now, I think the site was down before. thanx