mtnfrogger198 (Stranger)
03-24-03 22:39
No 420892
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If there is unconverted safrole in swim's freshly distilled isosafrole, what happens to it during the epoxide formation (Performic Acid Reaction)? Will it hurt anything in later reactions?
03-24-03 23:15
No 420907
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Swim asked this because swim found reference to reversing the isomerization process using an acid.

The confusion arizes because the isosafrole is being added to an acidic solution (extra formic acid in the peracid mixture).

This implies that Safrole could be used in place of isosafrole, saving a lot of time, effort, and precursors.
(Chief Bee)
03-24-03 23:21
No 420913
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You cannot reverse the isomerization and turn the isosafrole back into safrole using acid. Where did you read that?

Peracid oxidation of safrole will not yield anything immediately useful either.
03-24-03 23:46
No 420922
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I found this reference on the web (I don't remember the exact source... but it wasn't on your ws).

Thanks again Rhodium! wink