mtnfrogger198 (Stranger)
03-26-03 20:33
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      Aluminum Bars?  Bookmark   

Is it possible to use larger pieces of aluminum in the Al/Hg reduction? It seems to me that the lowered surface area would be made up for by the ability to magnetically stir the mixture much better.

Has anyone had any luck with this method?
03-26-03 20:51
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      Setup Explaination  Bookmark   

Let me explain my proposed setup. You have a RBF that is being stirred magnetically. So, the 1" stirbar sits on the bottom. Aluminum bars are cut to fit sideways in the middle part of the RBF. The bars sit so that they do not interfere with the magnetic stirbar. This allows rapid mixing, without getting all bound up with little aluminum chunks.
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03-26-03 20:53
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      some use Al sheet, but haven't heard of anyone  Bookmark   

some use Al sheet, but haven't heard of anyone using bars, it would be a very long reaction time and without sufficiently violent stirring the amine can form a layer over the exposed Al causing the rxn to stop. have seen this happen in acidic oxime redxns using thick Al sheet that was rolled up in a stirred rxn vessel, the redxn stalled when the Al became coated with the acetate salt
03-26-03 20:58
No 421497
      ... Your Breaking Up ...  Bookmark   

That's kinda what I thought. I wasn't sure that there would be layer formation with good stirring, but this isn't a problem with Al-foil, since the shit breaks up so rapidly.

Anyone who has tried Al-bars: input would be helpful.

Reduction On!
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03-26-03 21:09
No 421499
      Why don't you try Al-bars yourself, and tell...  Bookmark   

Why don't you try Al-bars yourself, and tell us the result?
03-26-03 23:06
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      Al-loo-min-ium  Bookmark   

Hehe. Ok, I'll try it myself. I was just hoping for some input before wasting any precious chems... frown
(I'm Yust a Typo)
03-26-03 23:08
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      And BTW, it is aluminium.  Bookmark   

And BTW, it is aluminium.
03-26-03 23:18
No 421530
      Pronunciation...  Bookmark   

Yes, but the Brit's pronounce it: "Al-loo-min-ium." tongue