mtnfrogger198 (Newbee)
03-26-03 21:28
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      Sodium Bicarbonate + Formic Acid = Success?  Bookmark   

Has anyone considered neutralizing the remaining formic acid in the performic reaction using baking soda? I know that it is used as a buffer, but can't it neutralize acids also? Mabey a stupid question, but swim really hates vacuuming off formic.
(Hive Bee)
03-26-03 22:31
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      you should have 2 layers, a layer with the DCM  Bookmark   

you should have 2 layers, a layer with the DCM and other non polars and then one with the formic after the rxn...
no need to distill for formic acid.
but it would be possible to neutralize NaOH would give u Sodium Formate (I think)

everything posted above is completely 100% fictional.
(Hive Bee)
03-27-03 02:54
No 421686
      Follow the "buffered performic"...  Bookmark   

Follow the "buffered performic" procedure which means you never have to vacuum distill the formic acid.  UTSE and especially Labtops sticky thread about this

(Chief Bee)
03-27-03 15:16
No 421809
      Buffered Performic acid Oxidation  Bookmark   

Go to the heading "Buffered Performic acid Oxidation" in ../rhodium/chemistry /peracid.html