IceHomer (Stranger)
03-28-03 07:27
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      A different type of matchbox striker  Bookmark   

I picked up a brand of matchboxes (rhymes with "Dead Turd", here in Canada) with two large striker strips on each side of the box (they are wooden matches). The strikers are made of red dots (kind of like enlarged half-tone pixels), but they don't come off when soaked in acetone. Has anyone had any experience with this, or should I just forget about the whole thing? I don't think there would be very much RP in them anyway, but decided to give it a try.


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03-28-03 13:37
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      HardWARE Store Brand  Bookmark   

Denatured Alcohol alone or use a 30%tone 70%denat mix.
•First soak for 2 minutes.
•Scrape of red.
•Then break UP the dots.
•Several rinses, decant and discard the liquid after each rinse.
Peace of the reaction


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03-29-03 18:56
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      box matches  Bookmark   

I don't know if you mean the big box or not but I've found box strikers to end up costing too much.I don't know what you can get up there but your best bet is to buy bulk paper matches.You can get 14-16g of r.p from a case of paper matches and pay $25-$30.Look on line for a company in the N.E area and go with wareami's advice.Its a pain in the ass to cut all the stikers out but in no time you'll be able to do a whole case in one nite.Also if you use TFSE you'll find more advice than you can shake a stick match at.
04-08-03 08:33
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      Scrape?  Bookmark   

So I'd have to scrape the RP off the strikers? No thanks! I think I'll stick to the ol' "RP/SS" method: RIP, PULL, SNIP & SOAK.

Your help is appreciated!

Drug use carries a monkey-back guarantee.
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04-08-03 10:36
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      Forget it.  Bookmark   

Trust S/D on this one. He's tried every concievable method of processing M/B's. And while not all agree on the choice of chems to use, all with experience, agree that shuck and cut is the best way.

Now quit starting MB/RP threads, and start shucking.

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06-25-03 03:43
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      the best thing to soak matchbook strikers in  Bookmark   

the best thing to soak matchbook strikers in is 70% rubbing alcohol. the RP comes off with ease, much better than acetone, like 95% better.
06-25-03 03:44
No 442404
      experience with pixel type strikers  Bookmark   

my experience has lead me to believe not to waste your time unless the striker is full RP.
06-25-03 05:37
No 442425
      They put the red dots on it so when you try to  Bookmark   

They put the red dots on it so when you try to scrape it off a bunch of paper and glue comes off too these kinds of strikers are useless you want the ones like 7/11 matches
06-25-03 10:32
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      yes to 70%  Bookmark   

hope this helps...derived from other bees so no credit to SwiRhi...put striker strips in 20 oz plus cola bottle..just cover with 70% IPA..let settle and roll off red to another container..let settle some...carefully pour same IPA into bottle with strikers...back and forth...very efficient, then find Squidippy or Geezemeister's final technique...Personal Preference Prevails at that point...Found of course in TFSE under MBRP extraction..
Found these combo's quick and efficient with MBRP.
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06-25-03 10:52
No 442492
      Here's SWICS teqnique:  Bookmark   

91% isa + 8-10 boxes x 50 MB will yield  3-4 grams of RB. add some quarters, and the strikers, shake in 91%ipa, decant carefully boil ipa away. add 40% h20 60% acetone, shake vigrously, settle filter off glue, 2-3x. dry. (note: floaters are not RP.)add 50ml HCL & some h20 & more tone. dry, powderize bake for a few minutes til the HCL's doings are gone, 4 grams out of 10 boxes is defanitly not pure. concider 4geez, 3geez, SWIM does, in his dreamz. cool
06-25-03 19:17
No 442580
      your soak  Bookmark   

you might it will save you tremendous time to use 70% IPA.
06-25-03 22:19
No 442616
      you might it will save you tremendous time to...  Bookmark   

you might it will save you tremendous time to use 70% IPA.

How's that?
06-30-03 20:31
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      honeycombs are hexagons  Bookmark   

those red "dots" or "pixels" are hexagon-shaped matter which consists of just-as-effective red phosphorus, (the usual junk included therein) as the tiny book strikers.

if memory serves, not a huge problem cleaning it up. i think that kitchen strikers are easier to work with than the tiny books.

however, she'd like to advocate a substitute here:
H3P03... it's not just for fungus anymore. thanks rhodium, you beautiful thing you!wink.

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