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04-08-03 14:54
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      Epoxy-Solvents-Meth Making  Bookmark   

If swim were to set up some of his stuff so that it came in contact with alittle not alot of epoxy would any solvent need to be worried about. If I used epoxy to make air tight fits for hosing and such would I have to worry about any chemicals leaching out or a chemical reaction to the epoxy. I am just wanting to know so that I can avoid any solvents that could create a problem.
Also are there any times in the actual making of the meth when the vapors could react with epoxy and mess stuff up.
Any help would be appreciated.
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04-10-03 17:27
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I hope this helps...


...look under downloads and get PDF on plastic tubing resistance..........java

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04-12-03 16:50
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      the manufacturers datasheet  Bookmark   

Is the only source to assure you. The manufacturer of the epoxy of course.

It is immense important that the epoxy is used exactly after the book regarding cleaning of surfaces ratios and curing. If done so most usual epoxies will withstand with ease (heat limits are to be considered but there are high temperature epoxies withstanding >180°C).

There are paints, look for "UV-curing paint" with exceptional chemical resistance over a high temperature range. Exceptional prices also but regarding the minute amounts needed not out of reach.

Jacked is right: The effort invested determines the amount and quality of what you earn.
Whereby I want to add that "effort" relates more to research and gathering of knowledge together with clean working and not to the amount of invested money.

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04-12-03 18:55
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      epoxy and solvents  Bookmark   

Don't worry about alcohols, inorganic acids and inorganic bases, but ketones, amides and esters are problematic with epoxies. I guess saturated hydrocarbons are also well handled by epoxies.

Did anyone hear ever have the experience of baking epoxy (<250C)? I tried it, I thought it would weaken in strength, and it only has worked to strengthen (and char, a bit) the bond...
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04-13-03 18:28
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I found this , someone listed this on the hive, I thought it might help.....java


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04-13-03 18:29
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      jb-weld?  Bookmark   

any-one ever try it thru an rxn?
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04-15-03 16:10
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      Air-tight  Bookmark   

I seem to remember someone saying that they used either silicon caulking, (or a heat-glue-gun or something) and that it held up well. Does this sound right?
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04-16-03 06:12
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      silicone tubing  Bookmark   

Perhaps it depends on the brand and the exact specifications but - silicone tubing used in steamdistilling finished product out of an RP/I reaction showed to be not trustworthy. Leaks appeared and further workup was a mess of uncounted ABīs and recryst.
Silicone in chemistry? Not very often used by the professionals and this makes me think it is better to stay away from it. Alternatives are cheap and ready available OTC.
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04-16-03 08:27
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      Epoxy Rules !!  Bookmark   

Next to glass and teflon, epoxy is very resistant to solvents like methylene chloride, toluene, etc.. I know this from personal experience. Epoxy putty is damn good for fixing tubes in place and repairing sep funnels when you're too damn broke to buy a new one.wink

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04-17-03 04:45
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      2-Part Epoxy and the Amateur Scientist  Bookmark   

Swim, probably A.L.F., sez that when it isn't out dorrs looking for Catzz, it has found a multitude of uses for "Epoxy". 1)HCL gas generator...shows no ill effects when exposed to HCL fumes. 2)Sodium Hydroxide solution..used in HCL gas scrubber apparatus...no ill affects. 3)Homemade Condenser joints...for both simple and fractional distillation apparatus, no apparent adverse reactions or self-destruct mechanisms. 4)I/E/RP-, used to seal tubing from reaction vessal to P/P...no ill affects. The 5-minute formulations are recommended for extreme solvent/acidic/basic applications, such as these examples,the 24-hour formulations are recommended for more physical applications (such as holding the scraper blade securely so that you can balance the beam of your homemade beam balance).

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05-23-03 04:15
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      Again it depends on what kind of epoxy  Bookmark   

Don't take the ^--- comment to heart.  As I've tried using epoxy from the big orange store to seal holes in my hcl generator on my first gassing attempt and i ended up with HCl gas spraying like a geizer out of the beer bottle.  Luckily the rubber stopper on the top stopped the sprays of sulfuric/hcl acid from coming out.  
Definitely a 150bpm to the heart.

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