gabd (Hive Bee)
04-09-03 17:56
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      Need your opinion about this krv  Bookmark   

I was just wondering if anybody has ever taught or even better tried using the outdoor water bottles by nalgene as a krv?

Ive looked at one today and the plastic is pretty thick, theyre meant to resist. You have them available in many sizes. Im just wondering how it would react under 40 Psi.
Could the fact that the plastic is really thick and cant really stretch be a bad thing?
As anyone ever tried before I go about building one?
(Hive Addict)
04-09-03 23:23
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      test it first  Bookmark   

ketones are notorious for eating up plastic try methylethylketone MEK on it and see what happens.
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04-12-03 19:21
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      Nalgene is made from High Density polyethylene  Bookmark   

Nalgene is made from High Density polyethylene (HDPE).

The soda pop bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE)

I have not tried the Nalgene containers but seeing they are made from polyethylene they most likely will be slow to react with the Ketone. Most camping or hiking water bottles are made of Nalgene. You can test a drop of ketone on any HDPE plastic and get the answer.

Here is a link to what you are seeking

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04-13-03 03:50
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      Warning about water filte  Bookmark   

sold at the home improvement store that are clear can NOT be used with safroel as it will eat a hole right through it. The ge brand looks clear and perfect for an electro chamber but watch out with your solvent as even a glass liened cylender may fail when splashing from the stiring will attack the plastic and then you have a big mess.

WTF is that smell... It keeps following me.
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04-13-03 04:18
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      Raf has a beaker made out of nalgene,seems to...  Bookmark   

Raf has a beaker made out of nalgene,seems to resist almost anything and is rated up to 180C.

For those about to synth,we salute you
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04-13-03 06:17
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      plastics  Bookmark   

Listen to pupilage , and use a soda bottle. If you are making a larger batch , then use a bigger container that is also made out of PETE. Stay away from HDPE. Imagine you are in the middle of shaking , only to have your newly made ketone eat thru your KRV and then splash all over your face. Eck. Remember you can only scale up the O2 to a certain amount(100 ml per run). If you get greedy , expect failure.

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04-13-03 09:18
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      What about polycarbonate?  Bookmark   

Like most nalgene bottles:

To begin with, I think Ill start with the 2l pop bottle with wrapped around duct tape.
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04-13-03 12:06
No 426384
      HDPE vs PET  Bookmark   

What becomezen? Stay away from HDPE and go for PET you say? Take a look at chemical resistance data and you will see that PET, as a polyester, is inferior compared to HDPE, a polyolefin, which is among the most resistant non-fluorinated polymers.
04-13-03 14:11
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      Definitions of different common types of plastic.  Bookmark   

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04-13-03 18:40
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      I got something much better  Bookmark   

Look at this link, under tech center/technical data/physical properties and chemical resistance of plastics

Gives more indication, nalgene bottles made of polycarbonate are a no-no. I just realized it