HoneySuckle (Hive Bee)
04-10-03 17:33
No 425533
      2C-H exposed to air?  Bookmark   

Shulgin remarks in Pihkal, that 2C-H freebase "picks up CO2 from the air very quickly."  What happens with this CO2?  Does the 2C-H react with it? or does the CO2 just become solvated in the oil?  A person left some 2C-H in about 150mL of solvent open in the hood overnight... just wondering if the 2C-H will be ruined in the morning.

(Hive Bee)
04-11-03 01:35
No 425629
      It has just formed the carbonate.  Bookmark   

It has just formed the carbonate. It's no big deal. When brominated you'll put it in GAA, which will form the acetate and some CO2 which will bubble off.

Swib has never had any problems with the crystalline carbonate.

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